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Lauren T.
00:48 13 May 19
Andrea C.
17:12 09 May 19
Friendly and nice! Affordable and very quick and relaxing environment. I'm so glad I came. I highly recommend this place.
Ariel N.
18:35 03 May 19
Betty C.
16:59 20 Apr 19
The staff was friendly and handled radical extremest with taste and class...all the while retaining a high quality of care for patients.
Ana W.
14:43 20 Apr 19
Friendly staff!
Snarly B.
19:45 17 Apr 19
Ke'Shun J.
18:32 13 Apr 19
Kiana W.
20:53 11 Apr 19
Very clean and neat atmosphere, you can tell the staff is very knowledgeable and takes their time explaining everything.
20:49 11 Apr 19
Staff is awesome! Definitely would recommend this place! If your scared worried don’t be! The process for the surgical was quick!
Yesenia Z.
18:50 11 Apr 19
Very understanding of the situation had no negative vibes from nurses or the doctor would recommend this place for people in similar situations flat rate prices no hidden fee no plus tax gives you enough time to think about if need be not pushy at all........clean offices and areas...... Recommended 100%
Daisy Y.
20:57 10 Apr 19
I give this place a 5 star they are all very nice and friendly! They do a very good job ! Yes they take a while but they’re doing an amazing job trying to give everyone great service !
Adrienne L.
01:10 03 Apr 19
Awesome staff
Lindsey R.
21:04 29 Mar 19
Incredibly kind team who helped me in a time it was needed most. Appreciate all their time and education. My perspective on clinics like this has been forever changed and I am incredibly grateful for a clean, safe experience.
Emilly S.
17:15 23 Mar 19
Clinic is sooo awesome such supportive staff and so friendy!!! Would definitely recommend even this there crazy religious anti abortionist person
Lydia C.
13:27 22 Mar 19
Trisha C.
18:54 14 Mar 19
This place is lovely very caring clean the nurses and doctor inform you on every detail they do not lie when they say they are respectful and caring they care about you and it shows
Cynthia P.
17:31 09 Mar 19
They make everything so easy. The staff keeps you comfortable, the walk you through the process and offer extra care if needed. Best price in town too. Highly recommend them!
01:54 08 Mar 19
The only reason I’m giving this place 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the wait. The staff was amazingDay 1: I went in at 9:30 and there were a lot of people. I expected to have to wait long on my visit so that wasn’t a problem. Before The nurse did my vaginal ultrasound we chatted about my career field and she was super nice and answered a lot of my questions about which option to choose. I ended up choosing the surgical abortion which I will get into later. The Doctor was a sweet lady and was also kind enough to answer my numerous questions. Once they finished my ultrasound they informed me I was 6 weeks and 1 day. Which I already knew because I track my period very closely. They gave me paperwork to fill out in the lobby but I got called to the back again for a blood draw and BP check. They did this simultaneously which I did not like but I understood they were trying to save time. The whole first visit took about 2.5 hours.2 days later: I was told my appointment was at 1pm and to not eat anything 3 hours before. I checked in early and they gave me antibiotics, ibuprofen, and anti nausea medication to take before the procedure. I hadn’t eaten since like 9:45am. I didn’t get called in for my surgical procedure until 2:30. By this time I was so hungry I was very weak and was sure I probably had low blood sugar. When I got to my room I got undressed from the waist down. The nurse checked my vitals and another nurse came in and gave me my IV sedation. This happened maybe only a minute before the doctor began so I was still very much conscious and aware which sucked and made it hard to relax. It was uncomfortable. Maybe not necessarily painful but I did moan and groan because I was cramping during the suctioning was moderate and it felt so strange but only lasted maybe a minute. Its also just a weird sensation. When they finished the doctor told me I did great and they asked how I was feeling I could barely answer because My blood pressure dropped which I’m sure this wouldn’t of happened if my appointment was actually at 1pm. (I was so physically exhausted and hungry. The procedure took the last bit of energy I had) But I also let my anxiety get the best of me so I know that didn’t help. They gave me a cold pack since I was sweating and that helped a lot. The nurse put a pad on me and helped me put my panties on and my pants. She had me lay down in a recliner chair and they gave me a small cup of coke to bring my blood sugar up. Which helped a ton I felt amazing after that. I did cramp pretty bad after but that ibuprofen kicked in so I only cramped bad for like 3 minutes. She told me to go to the bathroom and I didn’t have that much bleeding. Then she sent me on my way. The wait on the second day is what really sucked I was probably there between 2-3 hours. For sure 2 hours. And the procedure lasted maybe 10min. I would say the pain during the actual procedure is probably a 4 or 5 out of 10. The cramping was like the cramping you might have on the first day of your period. But only lasted a few minutes. I felt completely like myself again after I used the bathroom. I immediately felt like my pregnancy symptoms were gone. I’m glad I chose the surgical option and not medical because I only had to endure a few minutes of discomfort rather than hours. I’m having little to no bleeding and this is just hours after my procedure. This clinic’s staff are really wonderful and kind. I just think they should provide more accurate appointment times so people can know when to eat their last meal.
20:23 01 Mar 19
stephanie M.
20:09 01 Mar 19
I had the best experience here, the staff was very friendly including the women in the front julissa is a wonderful employee she is very sweet when she helped me!! I love and would recommend this office to everyone! I have actually already recommended this office to a few of friends!! Thank you staff and doctors for being very sweet and always making sure I was ok!!! I love the nurses they are so caring and nurturing!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for services!!! 😊😊😊 I want to say that the nurses are truly a blessing!!! Thank you,From Stephanie M.☺️
Debra C.
16:37 26 Feb 19
The place is very clean the staff is extra friendly and extremely helpful!!! There is a wait but i didnt mind it because its better that they are being safe then rushing and messing up. Would recommend this place to any woman needing help. The doctor was very nice, information was very clear and you know whats going on the entire time if your visit. For such an uncomfortable situation... this facility really maked me feel comfortable with my decision.
Alexiss R.
18:42 20 Feb 19
I had an amazing experience here the nurses and doctor were sweet and understanding. They make you feel so safe and comfortable. Thank you to everyone here.
Tierra C.
16:56 20 Feb 19
Best place ever and the staff are simply the BEST
Mike J.
20:20 19 Feb 19
Very helpful people! Bailey is the best. Some of these reviews are nonsense! They're amazingly helpful here.
leslye C.
16:25 16 Feb 19
Victoria A.
18:13 06 Feb 19
Friendly staff! Everything went smooth!
Nicole N.
19:41 12 Jan 19
They were very nice and helpful making sure you knew all information. They really care about the comfort and we'll being of their patients.
Elizabeth P.
20:44 11 Jan 19
Previous to being serviced at Alamo Women's, last year I went to Planned Parenthood. Let me tell you, I recommend this place over the other. Reasons being: Planned Parenthood's earliest appointment would have taken a week. I called Alamo Women's and was scheduled an appointment the very same day. Planned Parenthood quoted me an estimate starting at $750 (NOT including the $99 consultation). Alamo Women's service prices were drastically lower. The woman at the front desk was very warm and welcoming. The three doctors that took care of me were patient, understanding, and treated me as if I was their one and only patient (which is nice to be treated as a person and not a number). I also am not comfortable with a man doing an insertion ultrasound, but that was not an issue here. Automatically, it was a woman that performed that service. I would have given 5 stars, but the reason I only gave 4 was because my spouse was not allowed in the back room with me. He was my support, and ultimately the father. Planned Parenthood allowed him to be there with me every step of the way. It may be difficult for some women to endure these things alone, therefore their partners should be allowed by their side for emotional support. Also, one of the employees (not sure what her title is), was a little rude. My room was directly in front of the waiting room door (where I initially entered). She had told me to go down the hallway and exit the door on the right. As I walked out my room, I was confused because why wouldn't I just exit through the door I entered? So I stood their a little confused and I asked, "Do I go through this door?" And in a rude tone, she responded with, "Yeah? That door the same one you came through. So yes, THAT door." She spoke as if I was asking a dumb question. When she was the one who gave me confusing directions instead of just saying, "Exit through the door across this rooms door." "Down the hall take a right" is different. Anyway, it may be a little incident, but no one going through situations as my own, needs to be given attitude of ANY extent. Please be careful with the woman that has long braids. Other than that, I DO recommend this clinic. Overall.
Ashley K.
15:31 08 Jan 19
Great staff so friendly and caring!
Naomi G.
18:54 21 Dec 18
The doctors were great and nurses are always so helpful and nice....
Ashley M.
16:09 21 Dec 18
Samantha S.
15:38 21 Dec 18
Awesome experience. I had to ride a bus and walk to the clinic so I was already tired upon arrival, but the staff was genuinely happy to be doing their jobs and that alone made me feel100 times better. The clinic is very clean and quiet and they even allowed me to keep my McDonald's drink through out the whole thing. Loved my experience here!
Grace S.
17:04 12 Dec 18
Wonderful staff made me feel great from start to finish. Highly recommend
eric G.
15:50 01 Dec 18
Made situation as easy and peaceful as possible. Clean and friendly environment
ashley L.
15:34 10 Nov 18
They are very welcoming helped with every question I asked as soon as you walk in you can feel the welcoming nurses are nice helpful always smiling doctor was awesome helpful through everything as well
Nikki S.
19:17 09 Nov 18
Dario H.
18:25 05 Oct 18
Great clinic. Everyone was very friendly and helpful I would highly recommend 🙂
brandi B.
18:14 05 Oct 18
Definitely the most professional and. Compassionate staff... answered every question without any judgment. Highly recommend!
vanessa H.
23:43 01 Oct 18
Kim C.
18:59 28 Sep 18
Storm J.
19:59 25 Sep 18
I recommend this clinic to any and every woman. The doctor and nurses are compassionate and informative! Some even go out of there way to ensure your comfort! FIVE STARS
Linda E.
14:49 21 Sep 18
Amazing staff very quick an the privacy is amazing
Sofiya J.
15:58 04 Sep 18
Great service and all are very nice with you. It’s long wait but it’s nice service. Little expensive.
Becca C.
18:21 24 Aug 18
Was amazing
China L.
20:19 21 Aug 18
Great experience. Long wait but fast service. Everyone is professional & nice. No issues or pain physically or with the staff. Would recommend to anyone & if needed I would go back myself.
felicia L.
16:21 20 Aug 18
They are very nice and helpful
Brandii C.
15:56 02 Aug 18
The women there were soooo nice. They were very helpful and explained everything I needed to know about my visit. These women were angels. Sweet. And caring. Not one was rude.. I would definitely recommend this place.
Daisha H.
17:53 28 Jul 18
My experience was great. Very good staff
Deja R.
17:49 28 Jul 18
Great staff, great service, most recommended facility to come to.
Tristan P.
16:23 28 Jul 18
Made me feel so comfortable and didnt feel judged. Would deffinetly recommend this place to any women seeking help. Very professional
Victoria M.
19:40 26 Jul 18
The staff is so helpful and polite! I was treated very well! And informed about every question I had asked.
Sarah C
19:45 11 Jul 18
Nataly G.
15:54 03 Jul 18
Great people
Ashley T.
19:45 27 Jun 18
Amazing staff amazing service and care. Couldn’t have asked for a better or more positive experience. Truly grateful for this wonderful team of women.
Samantha F.
12:45 15 Jun 18
My baby naturally stopped developing and lost the heartbeat at 8.5 weeks. By 11 weeks, it began to degrade and we had to schedule a DNC. With my doctor, anesthesia and hospital fees, I would have paid over $3,000 for a 15-min outpatient procedure to save my health. This is AFTER insurance covered 80%! AWRS provided compassionate care of higher quality for less than 1/3 of that cost. The intimate setting, the doctors' and staff's incredible sacrifices in dedication to our community, and the quality of that service cannot be beat. Thank you, AWRS, for your daily goodness.
Vickki L.
16:52 04 Jun 18
This place is great, the Dr. and staff are very friendly!
K M.
19:20 31 May 18
1st visit was about 1 1/2 hours. 2nd visit was surgical and it was no more than 1 hour total. Everyone working there is nice and non judgmental. I’m happy I chose to have the sedation. I don’t remember much just pressure, no pain. It also calmed my nerves. It is one day after and I don’t have any pain. I paid the exact amount that was listed on the website. There are about 1 or 2 protestors outside during weekdays, so be prepared for that. Thank you to everyone who was there to make this tough decision a little easier.
Katherine L.
20:32 30 May 18
brianna F.
19:33 29 May 18
Amazing facility! The front staff is so nice! The providers make sure you can ask any questions and give you so much information! TThank you Alamo Women’s Clinic !
Riane W.
19:32 29 May 18
Very educational and was a great experience, the ladies here were amazing and really made this an easy time when it’s not the easiest
Amber M.
17:03 26 May 18
Making these decisions in life are hard but the staff here has been amazing from making sure you understand everything to helping you every step of the way they were very helpful! Thank you all for making this experience so much more comfortable!
Briana L.
20:03 25 May 18
starla G.
19:20 25 May 18
This was my first time coming here , the nurses were all very professional and respectful also answered any questions that i had about the procedure & the sedation went well i would highly recommend this place ..
Miranda S.
18:56 22 May 18
Everyone was wonderful.. Bailey was wonderful and on nurse even hugged me everything was comfortable and clean .. thank you so much!
Taylor H.
14:45 17 May 18
This time was a very sensitive and emotional time for me, but Alamo Women’s Reproductive Services made it so much easier for me. They answered any questions I had and never once did I feel judged. They were helpful in any way they could be. It was a fast few appointments, even if it was last minute. I would recommend this place to anyone needing help.
winshauna R.
21:01 08 May 18
Desiree C.
20:19 08 May 18
Jenn G.
20:12 27 Apr 18
Stephanie B.
16:40 19 Apr 18
Very clean facility well managed the staff meet all of my needs i would definitely recommend this business.
Ashley Z.
14:15 19 Apr 18
Very polite, and caring.💕
Ashley M.
20:47 18 Apr 18
Very friendly staff
Liz H.
07:05 06 Apr 18
Very nice staff
Cassandra R.
15:35 31 Mar 18
Michelle H.
17:40 30 Mar 18
Chloe D.
03:44 28 Mar 18
When in need of an appointment at short notice, this clinic was extremely helpful in terms of flexibility and its abundance of availabilities as opposed to counterparts, such as Planned Parenthood, who have much more booked schedules. The doctors who offered their help were very empathetic and non-judgmental. I felt safe knowing that I had reliable doctors that oversaw my procedures. Despite Texas policies which make attaining reproductive services impersonal and difficult, I can tell that this clinic does their best to provide exceptional service regardless of this. Even the other staff were extremely kind. I also enjoyed their calling feature, which makes it easy to contact a health professional complications/questions at any time of the day. Additionally, the clinic is extremely clean and appears relatively new. All in all, I received great service from this clinic and would recommend it to others in need of other reproductive services.
Ginger H.
00:25 24 Mar 18
The staff was friendly, the office was clean, making an appointment was fast and easy. They had so many women in and out but it was very efficiently managed.10/10 would recommend to other women.
Brittany G.
20:06 23 Mar 18
Had a great experience here! Treated real well and the doctors/nurses here are fantastic! They don’t make you feel bad about anything! They are there every step of the way with you and make you feel at ease!
Sexiilexi177 V.
21:39 21 Mar 18
I had a very good experience here. The waiting rooms were no where near full!! The staff was completely professional and so kind. I’m on crutches and they made me feel very comfortable .. I genuinely felt cared for and when I found out that I was further than I thought, they worked we me to keep the price low!!! Would definitely recommend..
Gabrielle F.
17:25 20 Mar 18
Great service , fast and respectful staff.
Faydell Kadelyn S.
15:43 17 Mar 18
Clean, efficient, fast as well as convenient times and days to schedule and get through the process as simply as possible. Nice facilities and nurses. Would recommend.
Tabitha O.
16:47 27 Feb 18
Great service very friendly fast service
Christian A.
16:54 23 Feb 18
Fast, friendly understanding.
21:28 13 Feb 18
Great Service, fast , friendly staff. Made experience easier.
Nicaela G.
20:05 13 Feb 18
Gena D.
17:22 10 Feb 18
Christine O
17:02 10 Feb 18
Aubryanna P.
21:21 09 Feb 18
Josh P.
21:19 09 Feb 18
Rontrecia J.
21:09 09 Feb 18
Great place and staff was very nice
arturo V.
20:56 09 Feb 18
My experience was amazing. It was so fast and the staff were phenomenal and so very helpful. I will definitely come back if ever needed
Selina H.
20:51 09 Feb 18
Very professional
Natalie S.
20:44 09 Feb 18
Missy G.
20:44 08 Feb 18
The medical staff is very friendly and answered all my questions every time i called and even in the office. Office itself is very spacious and very clean.
Mike&Amber P.
13:03 22 Jan 18
Jen M.
23:03 02 Jan 18
The clinic was nice, clean, and well maintained. The staff was nice, compassionate, and easy to talk to. They answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable. To everyone who works here and especially Dr. Lynn, thank you with all of my heart. You are true heros and I'm forever thankful for the care you provide
Salihah M.
01:26 18 Dec 17
Dore G.
17:10 18 Oct 17
Yo L.
22:32 05 Aug 17
I went into this place for a surgical abortion, very painful experience. Besides that, this place did nothing wrong. The staff was so sweet. The place was clean. The waiting time kind of sucked, but it's going to suck when there's 25 women all going through the same thing as me, so I ignored that. The heating pad and warm blanket afterwards were very comforting. I completely support and suggest them.
Abbey G.
03:31 11 May 17
Angel S.
08:51 30 Apr 17
Jasmine W.
16:21 27 Jan 17
Sandra K
21:12 22 Nov 16
I am from Corpus Christi and we have no abortion clinics in town so I traveled two hours to San Antonio. So I discovered my pregnancy very early, I was only 4-5 weeks pregnant when I attended my appointment at the clinic. I called in and got a appointment for a medical abortion very quickly. I was skeptical about going there because of the reviews. So I was told it would cost $675 dollars and I would have to be there at 9 am and that it might take until 2:30 pm. Since I lived farther away I chose the one day procedure. I had to call the doctor two days later for a "phone conference" to talk about the whole procedure and laws and all that. In that phone conference were at least 5 other women so I thought it was very weird. The day I came to the clinic I had to wait 15 min in front of the door until they opened, there was already a huge line so I suggest to come early. They handed out forms to fill out and I had to put down a down payment of $100. Then I had to wait about two hours to get called in to get seen by a nurse. She determent how far along I was. I already knew I am not that late and she confirmed it to 4-5 weeks. She offered me medical or the surgical procedure. I chose the medical, simply because its cheaper. Then I was told to go back to the waiting area and fill out some more paperwork and wait to get called in for some lab tests and blood sample. That took another 30 min. Then I was called in by the doctor he then also confirmed the pregnancy and explained the whole procedure. Again I had to go back to the waiting area for about 15 min. The Nurse already gave me the first pill that I had to take and I had to pay the rest of the $675.I then was called in with 7 other women to a other room. We had to wait again, the nurse came and explained us how to take the pills and what to expect. She gave us the pills and send us on our way. After 3 1/2 hours I was finally out of there.I had to wait 24h to take the 2. pill that was supposed to start the actual abortion. The first pill was to block the pregnancy hormones and that pill already made me feel very nauseous and it made me throw up later on when I was already at home. We were also given a subscription ($8 extra) of 50 mg Tramadol painkiller a total of 4 pills. We were supposed to take that plus a anti nausea pill one hour before we take the abortion pill. I did that and waited one hour. I then put as directed the 4 pills in between my lower lips and teeth. Was told it would be better than in the cheeks because of the chalky taste. About the clinic.The staff and the Doc were all very friendly and the clinic was super clean. Although it all seemed like a mass abortion. There were about 8 that had a medical abortion with me and at least 10 women that had a surgical abortion that day. So it was kind of shocking. It was not easy for me to do that but the staff made me feel like Im doing the right thing. Dont listen to other people that want to judge you! It is your body! However if you are farther along keep in mind that you will be alone in the backrooms and your husband,BF or mom will have to wait outside. I hated that and the long waiting thats why I rated only 4 stars. The nurse that explained how to take the pills correctly was nice but she talked way to fast. You could tell she does that every day 20 000 times. I recommend this place. But no unplanned pregnancy for me anymore. I do not wish to go back there. *laughAfter the procedure you have to go back for a check up which I did not do. I will go to my local OBGYN to make sure all the tissue was disposed.
Cevin J.
08:43 25 Aug 16
Long wait time but due to ridiculous Texas laws, that was to be expected. I was very anxious going in, but the staff was amazing and made me feel at ease. The care was spectacular.
April S
19:01 21 Jul 16
The ladies at the front desk were pretty impersonal and kinda rude, but I digressI could tell the Dr was very kind and he was passionate about helping the women. He apologized profusely for the long waits, answered every question I needed answered, and made a few appropriate light jokes to ease the mood. As I was walking to my car, he was taking a quick break and apologized again for the wait and some confusion I had earlier. The nurses themselves (not front office ladies...) were very kind and accommodating. The clinic was very clean. Wait times were high, but there was only 1 Dr and about 40 women in that clinic, so that's to be expected. All in all, I had a very positive experience.
Jackie C.
23:31 29 Jun 16
Amanda A.
19:21 22 Jun 16
Allison S.
07:11 11 Jun 16
Very understanding and compassionate and great customer service crystal was an angel. Thank you for taking such good care of me and making sure I was ok.
Angela D
05:17 25 Feb 16
I went in on a Tuesday, it was very crowded and took almost two and a half hours just to get called in for an ultrasound to determine the age of the embryo, had the doctor read off a state mandate and meet with the doctor one on one to do another ultrasound.However, when I went in the following day an hour earlier than my appointment time, it was the very opposite. I only had to wait half an hour to go undergo my surgery, was done with my surgery in under another 30 mins. Although it was rushed due to my ride having to go back to work, the staff remained friendly, helpful and professional.
Yesenia P.
17:19 22 Sep 15
Staff was very helpful, The surgical procedure was the better way to go fast and reliable. They made me feel so comfortable and helped with every need I had. Super clean office.
Jennifer C.
20:48 16 Sep 15
I would highly recommend them. When I called to get an appointment the girl I talked to answered all my questions and when I went in with the doctor he made me feel very comfortable. The office was so nice and clean like I was at a mini hospital.
Cynthia B.
12:35 04 May 15
I did the pill and the staff was very friendly. They made me feel like it wasn't a bad choice. I liked this clinic and not crowded at all like they mentioned. I wasn't going to choose this place due to these reviews but glad I did. Definitely coming back if anything!
blue S.
04:05 21 Nov 14
I do not remember any pain, although another lady in the next rm was making a pain like sound during her sedation. I spoke w/her later and sure enough she had no memory of it, Also, the Dr. didn't behave like its just another day at work or come in while interacting with the nurse in conversation, giving the patient little more than a nod. Yes it happens. The clinic that may or may not still be on san pedro by SAC was well knoown for such behavior. So If I somehow ended up that way, this is the place i would return to.