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Fees & Funding

Fees include:Ultrasound,Lab Work, IV Sedation, all Medications, Counseling, 24 hour on call assistance
Surgical Abortion 
     3 - 11.6 weeks
12.0 - 13.6 weeks
14.0 - 14.6 weeks
15.0 - 15.6 weeks
16.0 - 16.6 weeks
17.0 - 17.6 weeks

Medical Abortion Pill
(RU 486)

Initial Visit (mandated by the state)

$ 525
$ 600             
$ 700             
$ 800  
$ 900            
$ 1100           

$ 500            

$ 100

Fees after funding assistance:
$ 310
$ 400
$ 420
$ 440
$ 500
$ 620

$ 290

Call the office for new rules governing medical abortions

We work directly with NAF so that we can obtain grants to help our patients with fees.We will qualify you for these grants. You will not need to call NAF on your own. We will inform you of the grant amount and you will be resposible for only the remainder of the fee should you qualify.
Please contact our office if you are over 17 weeks so we can refer you to a safe and helpful surgical center which also offers financial assistance.

****   Our fees are based on the first day of the last menstrual period and Sonogram ****

We work with several funding organizations to help with the cost of an abortion, reducing your cost more than 50%. Contact our office to find out more about the financial assistance program. All patients will get funding.

We know that paying for an abortion can be hard for many people so these organizations can help:

   - National Abortion Federation ( ) 1-800-772-9100 This organization sets standards and clinical guidelines for over 400 abortion clinics nationwide and our clinics are proud members that meet or exceed the standards set forth by this organization.

   - Lilith Fund based in Austin Tx and can give money to women who have trouble paying for the entire fee for their abortion, Click here (add link) or call toll free at

   - Texans for Women Organization 1-800-614-4742 (an organization established by Texas Philanthropists to give back to the community especially people in need.


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