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Abortion By Shot is no longer available in Texas
Methotrexate or Abortion Shot

Methotrexate. The FDA approved methotrexate in 1953 to treat certain types of cancer. Since that time, medical researchers have discovered other important uses for the drug. One of these uses is to end unintended pregnancies. Although the FDA did not consider Methotrexate for this specific purpose, clinicians may prescribe Methotrexate in an early abortion. It is usually given to a pregnant woman in the form of an injection, or shot, although it also can be taken orally. It stops the ongoing implantation process that occurs during the first several weeks after conception. We use this method most often is cases of suspected ectopic pregnancies.

We don’t use this method of treatment very often because we consider it to be less effective than the Abortion Pill / Mifepristone and Misoprostol . Medical abortion with Methotrexate is approximately 85% effective.

Be aware that some abortion clinics recommend this method of abortion even though it’s toxic and less effective.


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