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Since 1974
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Specialized Abortion Care
   OB/GYN with Over 36 Years Experience

         WE ARE OPEN 
Texas Law has closed many clinics in Texas. We are open and seeing patients from all
areas in Texas. We especially want patients in the Rio Grand Valley to know that they are
 welcome at our clinic. Patients from the valley and other out of town patients may have their
abortion done in one day at our clinic. We are making appointments DAILY.

  CALL 210-614-4742

 Abortion Services
• Abortion Pill RU 486
• Surgical Abortion up to 16 weeks
• Abortion Fees include IV
  sedation, take home
  medications, birth control and
  follow up visit
• Located 1 block from major
  hospital at medical center
• For your privacy, our office is in
  a multiple office complex, with
  safe, secure parking away from
  sidewalks and streets which
  prevents access for protestors
• Proud member of National
  Abortion Federation( NAF)
  ( )
• Phones answered 24 hrs a day
  for appointments
• Office open Monday- Saturday

Our staff will qualify you for a grant from NAF. You will not have to call NAF. The grant will lower the fee by the amount you qualify for.

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